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How changing the flute direction can help

Do you have a product that is tall and not very wide or long? A product that would fit in the box in the photo.

"Reverse Flute" will help you. It will increase the stacking strength of a box.

Reverse flute allows you to lay a tall box on its side and keep the box at optimal strength.

This is done by changing the direction of the flute 90 deg, to face upwards, when the box is laid sideways.

Let me explain how this works.

The "Flute" of cardboard is the 'wavy' corrugation when you look at the side of corrugated cardboard. On a normal, Regular Flap-Glued carton this would be at the end of the flaps of the box. With a box sitting on the ground the corrugation points up in the air. In doing so a box achieves optimum stacking strength. Imagine a box 1000mm Length X 100mm Width X 100mm Depth. The 1000x100 sits on the ground and this is where the flaps or opening is. The depth of 100 is the height of the box. Imagine you make the dimensions 100x100x1000mm. The flaps are now on the 100x100 sides. This box is unstable so you lay the box on its side. So on the ground now sits the 1000x100 sides. But. when you do so the box loses its stacking strength because the flaps are no longer facing upwards, but to the side. By changing the direction of the flute by 90 deg, the flute now faces upwards, when the box is on its side.

The photo is of a reverse flute box.

A Full Flat - Reverse Flute box style
An alternative to using a mailing tube.

We can provide this feature on our Regular Flap - glued, Full Flap - glued and Full Flap Five Panel Folder box styles.


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